Steve Densik lives in a neighborhood off of Bass Road. 

"I could hear it sounded like dogs upset at something," said Densik. 

He says he's been hearing barking coming from the woods behind his property for about a year and it didn't sound innocent, unlike his own dog Zoe. 

"It wasn't just barking because the mailman is driving around the street, they sounded like they wanted to get at something," said Densik. 

The Bibb County Sheriff's Office says while investigating a complaint about the property on Bass Road, they found dogs with fresh scars and a converted treadmill for dog training.

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They brought the animals to Macon-Bibb Animal Welfare. 

Tracey Belew, the shelter director, says they're already overcapacity and had to move cages out into the hallway because so many cages are taken up by legal holds.

"We try to hold off on euthanizing the adoptable dogs as long as possible," said Belew. 

Belew says they're currently holding 50 dogs as evidence in various court cases. 

The entire shelter is supposed to hold only 80 dogs, including adoptable and stray dogs. 

"You have to have some type of neighbors within sight distance that would say something," said Densik. 

Densik says he's keeping his eyes peeled to make sure what happened next door doesn't happen again, to make keep his dogs Zoe and Rufus away from danger.