GRAY, Ga. — Life as a teenager is already stressful without throwing entrepreneurship into the mix, but 16-year-old Logan Partin seems to have the balancing act down pat.

In addition to cheerleading and golfing at Jones County High School, Partin runs her own clothing store, Logan's Loft.

"I have to juggle two jobs and two sports and keep my grades up," says Partin. "It's pretty difficult, but I like staying busy."

With help from her mother, Tammy Partin, Logan was able to open her store up in March of 2018. Logan's Loft sells clothes and accessories for women and young girls.

Partin wanted to bring a more youthful fashion spot to Jones County to avoid having to travel to Milledgeville or Macon to shop.

"Fashion has always been a big part of me. I get my fashion taste from my mom," says Partin. "We just do it as a team together. She wanted to name it after me and I came up with the word 'loft' because it's small like a little loft."

As for the future, Partin hopes to expand Logan's Loft to other parts of Central Georgia like Milledgeville or Gordon. "Go big or go home," says Partin.