MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — On Thursday Georgia College and State University expects to move-in around 1,200 students. That's why the college has a system for move-in day.

That routine includes volunteers, moving equipment, bottles of water, and a lot of team work.

"My son went to college a couple of years ago and it was a struggle to move him into his dorm," Tonya Anderson said. 

Anderson says she remembers not having a helping hand moving her son in when he attended a different school. 

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"It was hot, we did not have any assistance, so we were back and forth through our vehicles several times, going through security and things like that," Anderson said. 

At Georgia College she's joining a huge army of volunteers to make sure parents and students never have that issue here. 

"So I felt like I wanted to help volunteer," Anderson said. 

She became a member of the "Cat Crew," a volunteer squad that will help around 1,200 students move in Thursday.

With that many students moving in Larry Christenson with university housing says students will move in by their last name.

"We rotate the alphabet, the alphabet is split, and we have certain section each hour during 7 a.m., 8 a.m. 9 a.m. and by 10 a.m. we are basically done," Christenson said. 

On Thursday, West Greene Street will be open for one-way traffic only. Access to the street from Columbia, Jackson, and Tattnall Streets will be closed. A press release states there will be one entrance from Clarke Street. 

"By 10:30 those streets will look like nothing happened," Christenson said.

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Georgia College Move-In Day 2019
Wanya Reese

But before you leave home Christenson asks students to follow this one tip.

"Pack lightly, you do not need everything on the move-in day. We've seen people bring in two or three cars, and we see them leave with one car load, because they cannot get them all in the room," Christenson said. 

While students decide what to bring Anderson is ready to welcome the Bobcats to their new den.

"I know it is their first time coming in, some of the freshman, So I know it is going to be exiting for everyone," Anderson said.