On Tuesday, people living at Crystal Lake Apartments had their water cut off after management failed to pay their past due water bill of $41,000. 

Wednesday night, the water turned back on, but nearly an hour later, they lost power. The Macon-Bibb Fire Department says leaking water caused an electrical socket to spark.

"Water just started pouring down into my apartment like it was raining inside," says tenant Cheryl Gibbs. 

Gibbs has lived there for 18 years. She says since this summer, water has seeped into her home, damaging the walls and causing mildew odors to fill rooms.

"I've tried to be honest and pay my rent and everything, and they promise me they will do something and they never did," says Gibbs. 

Gibbs says after months of asking management for help, it's time to pack up and move. After 38 years living in these apartments, Juanita Collins feels the same way. "I'm ready to go. I have never wanted to leave a place as bad as now. I've always wanted to make Crystal Lake my home, but not anymore." 

Bibb County Fire Chief Marvin Riggins says property maintenance will have to get an electrician and plumber to fix the issues before power and water are restored. 

Latrenda Pearson says the problems have become worse for months now, and after 31 years, Crystal Lake is no longer a home. "No more no water and the smell is awful over there. We can't survive under these conditions."