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'Love, peace, & joy': Macon celebrates Martin Luther King Jr's legacy

City Hall was the center of what Mayor Lester Miller says was the gathering place of over a thousand people for the celebration.

MACON, Ga. — A civil-rights activist and a Baptist minister, Martin Luther King Jr. is an important figure in Georgia's history. Monday is the day Macon celebrates him.

From breakfasts to a march, the 16th is chock full of events honoring Dr. King's legacy. 

City Hall was the center of what Mayor Lester Miller says was the gathering place of over a thousand people for the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration.

It all started with a march.

"Love, peace and joy. Those are the things MLK stood for," says Erin Jones. 

Jones and her 13-year-old daughter, Janiyah Gilbert, geared up to march for Martin Luther King day.

"So, I figured why not take advantage of the opportunity of the community coming together in remembrance of him?"

Janiyah says there's a lot of violence happening in Macon. However, she thinks King's message of peace and unity should be taken seriously.

"This is the year of understanding, and maybe we can one day put down our guns and actually have a normal conversation with someone," Gilbert says. 

The marches started in four corners of the city: the MLK Memorial in the North, Booker T. Washington in the East, Rosa Jackson Center in the South, and the Memorial Gym in the West.

Folks marched about a mile to all meet at City Hall on Poplar Street. Sheridan Robertson watched them arrive. 

"I've been marching ever since they've been doing it," she says. 

Robertson says she usually participates but had to sit out due to an injury this year. However, she says there's a lot of meaning behind marching.

It's part of upholding King's legacy– from his speeches and actions. 

"He did a lot for the black community and made it possible for us to be free and to be able to vote and all of that. I really appreciate it," Robertson smiles. 

Mayor Lester Miller says this celebration also honors our diversified community and lifting each other up. 

"I see people from all walks of life, all religions, all genders, all races. They're coming together for one thing, and that's to make sure that we are treating each other equally," he explains. "So, I think Dr. King would be proud to see a group like this coming together."

Events are happening for the rest of the month around Macon to honor Martin Luther King. Events will also go into February to kick off Black History Month. The link is here.

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