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'Even in your darkest hours, do not give up:' Once-homeless Macon woman helps others find housing

Rhonda Miller works at the Macon Housing Authority -- the same place that helped her when she had nowhere else to go.

MACON, Ga. — Every Thursday morning in November, we're spotlighting everyday people in the community who wake up with a smile and a purpose to make a difference in our series called "Sunrisers."

One Macon woman didn't let overcoming adversity dim her light. More than that, the challenges she faced motivated her and sparked a desire to serve.

Rhonda Miller works at the Macon Housing Authority, but she was once homeless, turning to the very same organization for help.

"Foster care, being a victim of incest, domestic violence, homelessness, and just despair of don't want to live anymore," Miller said. 

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She says when she found the MHA, they helped her with her financials and taught her how to save. She says they even encouraged her to go to school, leading her to get a GED. 

After a life full of lows, she says she felt she was finally finding her purpose. 

"I am a foot soldier," Miller said. "I like to go out there and help people."

Now, she helps other people find housing. She's even started her own programs at the MHA, such as libraries for young students and healthy eating classes for seniors.

"Seeing someone achieve their goals and be successful, that's my number one," Miller said. 

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Outside of her job, she volunteers with several community organizations including Wear., a thrift store whose proceeds go to Daybreak, one of Macon's homeless shelters.

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Through her outreach, she hopes to spread a message she says she learned a long time ago.

"Even in your darkest hours, do not give up," Miller said.

She says she's living proof it will get better. 

Miller also says one of the ways she coped with her various situations was through art. When she's not volunteering or working, she's creating. 

Her specialty is cards. She says you can often find her at popup shops during Macon's 'First Fridays.'

Join us next Thursday morning, November 14 at 6 a.m. to see which person from Central Georgia we highlight next.

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