MACON, Ga. — When you think of taking a field trip, the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

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Around 30 gifted students from Carter, Union, and Lane Elementary exchanged their pencils and papers to pack more than a dozen boxes of food.

"I think that it is amazing that people can get food from here when they are in need," said Kaden Yates. 

Their teacher Jayne Gammons says she wants her kids to ask questions and learn how food insecurity is a local problem they can help fix.

"At 10-years-old, they have the power right now to contribute to making the world a better place," she said.

Students heard what employees at the bank do and why their job is vital for some people.

"People in our community are starving and they keep on worrying about what they are going to eat," said student Jamilah Sillah.

Gammons says students will create a report once they are done, so the field trip will not only give them knowledge, but also serve as a reminder they can change the world with some hard work.

"This place is giving opportunity for people to have food and get what they need so they can survive," Ryder Dale said.