The Carl Vinson VA Medical Center is opening a new outpatient clinic in Macon on Thomaston Road.

Gabrielle Dawkins found out more about the multi-million dollar project built to serve veterans.

Sylvester Worshim says he’s served in the United States Air Force for 22 years, 5 months, and 17 days.

“I was doing my patriotic duty,” says Worshim.

Since retiring, he's traveled from Warner Robins to Dublin for eye care.

“I do have a problem with my left eye. I have a problem with it. I don't feel like going way to Dublin round trip each time I need to go see a doctor,” says Worshim.

But now he can come to the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center’s new outpatient facility that’s targeted to providing care to more than 6,500 veterans.

“It's very important to have healthcare close to me. I'm old now, 80 years old. I need it to be close to me,” says Worshim.

Lathesha Ferrette-Holt, the clinic Nurse Manager, says the more than 27,000 square foot facility is equipped with optometry services, a blood lab, audiology services, primary care, mental health, and more.

“We have veterans that have served in all of the wars and eras, and they all have experienced some type of difficulty just adjusting,” says Ferrette-Holt. It doesn't always have to resolve around PTSD, it's just adjusting back to civilization.

She says the help has come full circle.

“They've given to our country and we should give back to them,” says Ferrette-Holt.

They have 84 employees at this new location. That's 40 new people compared to the last location, but for Worshim, it's saving him gas and time.

“I don't have to go to Dublin, see? It’s getting better,” says Worshim.

The hospital is taking walk-ins now, but it officially opens for appointments Monday, February 5th.