MACON, Ga. — A Macon teen is fired up after getting 18 college acceptance letters. Sabrina Burse spoke to him to find out his plans and what helped him reach his goals. Northeast High School student Donell Lossa spends much of his time at the Boys and Girls club.

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"Coming to the club has kept me grounded, kept me stable, and kept my head out of clouds," said Lossa. He says the club gave him confidence and discipline to focus on studies that eventually paid off. He's gotten 18 college acceptance letters from schools like Kennesaw State University, Savannah State University, Middle Georgia State University, The University of Arizona, Georgia Institute of Technology, Florida State University, Clark Atlanta University, Auburn University, Purdue University, Providence College, Mercer State University, and Alabama A&M University, to name a few. He says it hasn't always been easy, especially growing up in east Macon.  "I could walk out that door and get shot right now. We are in east Macon. It's a probability," said Lossa.

He says the Boys and Girls Club gave him a safe place to go. Unit Director Leon Hubbard says he's proud to witness Lossa's accomplishments. "He really has grown to be a young man who helps out around the club, and helps the young people with their homework," said Hubbard.

Close friend Demoliose Nash has known Lossa since the 7th grade. He says he's grateful to know someone who is as determined as he is. "I hope that me and him will be some of the first to show kids of east Macon that you can always do better," said Nash.

Lossa says he will take the lessons he learned at the club with him in his college career as a software and engineering major. After that, he plans to invest in the youth like the community invested on him. "My intention is, regardless of what I do, to come back here and start something up for the kids," said Lossa. 

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Lossa says he plans to attend Kennesaw State University for two years and then transfer to Georgia Institute of Technology.