MACON, Ga. — January is the heart of winter, but could those lower temperatures be affecting you and your sleep? 

13WMAZ wanted to verify, does the cold weather make people tired? 

Our sources are behavioral health specialist and Coliseum psychotherapist Bruce Conn, and the National Sleep Foundation . 

Some people are quick to hit the snooze button when it's time to wake up, and other people just catch a nap during the day. 

Since it's cold outside, 13WMAZ hit the streets of downtown Macon to see people think. Does the cold weather make people tired? 

Daniel Kinsey said, "Oh, yes, it makes me tired, because my bones start aching, my back be hurting."

"I think exactly the opposite -- I find the cold weather energizing," said Matthew Ellis.

Joshua Cockrell stated, "Yes, I think it makes people more tired."

To settle this, we spoke to psychotherapist and behavioral health specialist Bruce Conn with the Coliseum Center for Behavioral Health who says the winter months have something to do with it. 

"There's not as much daylight. There's more dark," said Conn.

And as for the temperature, Conn continued, "The light and the cold together are what just incline us to withdraw a little bit, and so we do things that go along with withdrawing. We feel a little sleepier."

So it's verified -- the cold weather does make people feel tired, but Conn says there are a combination of factors to think about. 

The National Sleep Foundation says you'll catch better rest in a cool bedroom that's between 60 and 67 degrees. 

Sydney Hester says cold or hot, she's getting as much rest as she can. "If I'm not busy, I'm sleeping."

Conn says you'll also feel better if you stay away from fried comfort foods and do some exercise during the colder months.

The National Sleep Foundation also says a regular nighttime routine can help with rest and energy throughout the day.