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Wife sells husband's Playstation 5 after finding out it was not an air purifier

It may be "happy wife, unhappy life" in one household after she discovered her husband lied about his new gaming console.

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A Taiwanese man's luck ran out shortly after he got his hands on a brand new Playstation 5. The problem? His wife didn't want it around.

According to Taiwan News, the man bought the PS5 and told his wife it was an air purifier. But his wife quickly figured out the lie and plotted to get the console out of the house.

The man who bought the PS5 from the wife shared some details about the odd transaction in a Facebook post on Nov. 21. He said he was surprised at how eager she was to sell the console. He also said it was the cheapest he had seen the new system on sale.

But the buyer was in for a surprise when he went to pick up the PS5. The woman's husband told him, "my wife wants to sell it. It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter." The man's story has gone viral internationally on social media.

The Playstation 5 was released in Taiwan on Nov. 19, one week after the North American release. It sells for $499 in US stores, but resellers have charged thousands of dollars because of low supply and high demand.

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