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Smells like sweet spirits: The Daisy Tequila Bar offers specialty drinks to Macon customers

They have only been open about a month or so, but their business is "blooming."

MACON, Ga. — A new Tequila bar has opened in downtown Macon! 

They have only been open about a month or so, but their business is "blooming."

The Daisy Tequila Bar opened around 4 weeks ago, and was started by childhood best friends German Maran and Martin Velinov.

They met at Howard Middle School when they were around 14 and 15 years old, and now serve delicious drinks to the downtown Macon community.

"We decided to open this when we were working at another local restaurant, We thought it would be a great ide to have a bar of our own, and we just went for it," said Maran.

One of The Daisy's most famous drinks is the 'El Diablo,' which is a spicy margarita with a lime slice and jalapeño.

"Me and my partner came up with the menu, we came up with all the drinks and we put in it what we like the most. Right now one of my favorite ones would be the jalapeño pineapple or the blood orange. The El Diablo is also a little spicy if you like that," he said.

The bar got its name because daisy in Spanish translates to margarita, and they have plenty of those... along with a big selection of spirits.

Maran says that they have a very welcoming atmosphere, and would love for people to give them a try.

"We welcome everybody and anybody to come in here; we are very welcoming. We try to keep a good atmosphere and we have a lot of different tequilas, mezcals, so you can come by and check us out whenever you want Tuesday through Saturday, we're here," he said.

The bar is located at 518 Cherry Street in Downtown Macon. It is open Tuesday - Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 or 11 p.m., depending on when business slows down.

You can find a menu of The Daisy's specialty drinks on their Facebook page if you want to check out some of their creations. 


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