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'A fine group': 4 Milledgeville centenarians living and loving life together

When you reach the age of 100, you may think you don't have much in common with others, but 4 Milledgeville centenarians are living their best lives together

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — These days, we hear of lots of folks turning 100. It seems like it's not such a huge event anymore -- unless you visit Fellowship Home at Meriwether in Milledgeville. There, they have not one, not two, but three, plus another person that's 102. They are quite a gang.

"We're just a different group, but a fine group," says Miggs Thomson.

That's an understatement for this special foursome.

Miggs Thomson spent 50 years playing golf.

Audrey Norrie is the chatterbox who taught school for 30 years.

"We all enjoy living together," Audrey says.

Maxine Wood rounds out the centenarians. She was married to the same man for 63 years.

Maxine says, "We have all been along the same road."

Sallie Holmes is queen bee at a spry 102, and she doesn't need much to stay happy, just "Something good to eat," she says.

Forget any image you have of these ladies sitting around and doing, well, not much of anything.

They play cards, but their real love revolves around sports.

"I follow the Dawgs," Maxine says. "I think they're underrated this year."

Audrey says she follows the Florida Gators.

The Atlanta Braves are both Sallie's and Miggs' team.

"Do I like them? I love the Braves -- I watch them every night," says Miggs.

But as you can imagine, 100 years of living has brought challenges.

Audrey says, "Most of my friends are all gone, and it's just amazing -- amazing -- to have this many friends as old as I am."

Sure, we celebrate folks that have made it to this milestone, but it can get lonely, and that's the beauty of these kindred souls all living under the same roof.

Miggs says she enjoys, "Just living with each other and talking about the good times and the good memories we have."

"My advice is, enjoy life, love one another, and enjoy what comes next in your life," Maxine states. 

The Fellowship family calculated how long the women have lived in days months and hours.

It's interesting, but you can't put a number on golden years that come complete with chums and confidants.

Audrey says today's generations know much more than they do because what they do with technology is amazing.

She can still keep up -- Audrey can run an iPad.

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