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Johnson County man accused of abuse served 1 meal a day, restrained disabled children and adults, report says

According to reports from Johnson County Sheriff's Office, David Fahey restrained the children and adults.

DUBLIN, Ga. — A Dublin woman says she'd heard reports about runaways And other concerns about what was happening at David Fahey's home for disabled children and adults in Johnson County.

David Fahey is in jail, accused of abusing disabled children and adults. The GBI says his wife, Kathy Fahey, was a suspect, but died February 1. 

One woman said Kathy came to her for help, but she ended up not meeting with her.

According to the reports from Johnson County's Sheriff's Office, David is accused of using leg irons, cloth restraints, and only offering one meal a day to the disabled children and adults at King's Cleft.

"A couple ladies in the community told me like, 'You made a good decision. They've always been weird. There have been kids that have ran away from there,'" said Tori Rogers, owner of Middle Georgia Female Firearms Safety and Training.

Rogers said David Fahey's wife Kathy asked her in April of 2021 about gun handling lessons after one of the children attacked her.

"She was trying to get her husband's attention because he was attacking her, so she shot through a window," Rogers said.

In a series of text messages, Kathy told Rogers that her son, Logan, wasn't going to let her granddaughter visit her until she took gun handling lesson. 

Rogers become suspicious after Kathy asked her to come their house alone. 

She planned to bring someone with her, but Kathy didn't want her to, saying she worried how the church would view them.

"I was thinking, 'I'm a single woman. I'm not going to some cabin in the woods by myself,'" Rogers said.

Reports from the Johnson County Sheriff's Office show they'd heard of possible abuse at King's Cleft as far back as 2014.

Rogers just knows that she is relieved she followed her instincts.

This is still an ongoing investigation.

 Anyone with information should contact the GBI or the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

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