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Coliseum Health System implements extra COVID-19 protocols for healthcare workers

Healthcare workers constantly worry about spreading COVID-19 to their families, so hospital leaders are taking extra measures to help keep them safe.

MACON, Ga. — Washing hands, putting on gloves, masks, gowns, you name it, Coliseum Health System says its medical staff is taking all necessary precautions in the fight against COVID-19.

"Of course we have all the PPE that we use in the hospital, but even when you use all the PPE there's still a chance that you might contaminate yourself," Director of Infection Prevention Brandi Jones said.

Jones is a wife and mom of two. She says the chance of contracting COVID-19 and spreading it to family is a scary reality for healthcare workers.

"It's a valid concern. It is a virus, so just like we carry flu home and colds home, it's a possibility you could carry this home, so we're doing everything we can to prevent that," Jones said.

In addition to the 20-second hand-washing rule and checking for symptoms, they've taken safety recommendations a step further.

"They can come in, change into hospital scrubs, and they can, before they leave, they can actually change back out of those scrubs, and they can shower here if they would like," Jones said. "If they don't want to shower here then they can go home, and they go ahead and shower and wash their hair before they have any family interaction."

She says viruses can be anywhere you touch -- on your clothing or places like the bottom of your shoes.

"Shoes are dirty anyway, and we're taking those in and out of the rooms, so we do recommend that you leave your shoes outside. So leave your shoes outside, and if you haven't gotten a shower at the hospital then go ahead and get a shower when you get home," Jones said.

They're taking the necessary steps to keep their health heroes fighting strong.

"We do a great job every day, and there is a lot of stress right now, so any encouragement that you can send we appreciate that," Jones said.


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