MACON, Ga. — Over a dozen people grabbed their trash bags to help clean up Macon on Saturday.

The Vineville Neighborhood Association joined with community members, both those who call Vineville home and those who do not, to pick up trash along the Forsyth Street and Hardeman Avenue exit in Macon.

The crew collected about 25 bags full of trash and cleaned up sidewalks with weed eaters to help clean the high-traffic area.

Lauren Morrill-Ragusea, president of the Vineville Neighborhood Association, says these cleanups help people focus on Macon's beauty.

"The things that makes Macon wonderful is our beautiful architecture, and we want people to see that and not the trash that's on the ground," Morrill- Ragusea said. "And also by us doing cleanups and people seeing us doing them, they will think twice about throwing things out the window knowing people actually have to pick them up."

The group does cleanups every first Saturday of the month. If you'd like to help with the next one, head to the Vineville Neighborhood Association's Facebook page.

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