Tuesday night, the crowd rejoiced after Bibb County commissioners voted to decrease penalties for possession for marijuana less than an ounce.

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With people on Facebook voicing questions and concerns, we asked Captain Brad Wolfe with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office and Solicitor General Rebecca Grist about viewers' questions and concerns.

"This is not decriminalization. It is still illegal under the laws of Georgia and federal to possess marijuana," said Grist. 

Both say the ordinance gives law enforcement an option, you can still be charged with the maximum penalty -- 1 year of jail time or a $1,000 fine -- because that's Georgia law.

Ali'sha Brown asked if someone who already has a possession of marijuana charge on their record would be charged.

"All of these cases have been charged under state law. This just adds for another option to treat low-level offenders so they don't have a criminal history," said Grist. 

Another viewer asked if this low fine will mean more people will want to sell pot.

"I don't think we really have to change anything to make sure that doesn't happen. We're still investigating drug laws to make sure that doesn't happen," said Wolfe. 

Wolfe says they plan on roll call training sessions with deputies to describe situations where officers should give people lenient fines.

"It gives you another option. I don't know if it will change protocol at all," said Wolfe. 

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Wolfe ensures if they catch you with weed, you'll still face some kind of consequence, and it'll be up to their officers to determine the severity of the punishment.