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'I hope they have room for us': Macon Volunteer Clinic now serves Twiggs County

Twiggs County has around 8,000 people and 15% of them are uninsured.

TWIGGS COUNTY, Ga. — The Macon Volunteer Clinic (MVC) announced that they will now provide services to people in Twiggs County.

"I think this clinic is really gonna fill in the gap," said Twiggs County Commissioner Keith Washington.

Washington says many people in the county have diabetes, high blood pressure or are on Medicaid.

According to the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, Twiggs County is ranked last at 159th in the health ranking.

Twiggs County has around 8,000 people and 15% of them are uninsured. 

Washington is optimistic about the new coverage.

"I hope they have room for us up there," Washington said.

MVC executive director Nancy White says before the announcement, the clinic was already seeing people from Twiggs County come to Macon for services, so it made sense to start covering the area.

"We feel like this is a real step in the right direction to help them shore up and get in control of these chronic conditions, and just open our doors to them as a medical home," White said.

The clinic offers a range of services from dental, cancer and x-ray screenings, and primary care services.

White says their goal is to continue to help people in Macon and now Twiggs County.

"Everybody has a right to have good primary healthcare regardless of their insurance or ability to pay, and that is our mission," White said.

White says all the providers at the clinic are volunteers and they also offer mental health screenings.

You can go to MVC's website to find more information about their services and qualifications.

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