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My Teacher is Tops: Stephanie Adams honored at Miller Fine Arts Magnet Middle School

Adams says music actually changed her life and paved the way for her to be here today.

MACON, Ga. — My Teacher is Tops is back for another week, and this time around, we're honoring band teacher Ms. Stephanie Adams at Miller Middle! 

Even though Adams has only been the band director for the Mustangs since July 2021, she's left a positive impression on her students. 

She's also the assistant band director at Central High School, where she routinely invites some high school students to assist her class with their music.

Adams says music changed her for the better, being the first graduate in her family, and that's because she got deep into music when she was in middle school herself. Scholarship opportunities eventually came along. 

 "It just kind of paved the way for me to be here today, so that's why music, and that's why I want to teach band, so that I can pave that way for other people, too."

Charity Harper was the student that nominated Ms. Adams. Harper has a passion for music but stated, "I probably would not have the same love for the subject if it wasn't for her."

" A good teacher meets the needs of every student while keeping it fun and maintaining order. Ms. Adams meets all the qualifications and more. Even among non-band students, she has a reputation for being an outstanding teacher. More and more kids join the band each semester." Harper said. "No, this is from an increase in Ms. Adams loving children who want to experience this amazing teacher for themselves. My peers and I agree that Ms. Adams is truly a spectacular teacher. She deserves this honor. "

Congratulations, Ms. Adams!  

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