TELFAIR COUNTY, Ga. — Pencils, paper, binders -- the list goes on, and the price goes up as kids gear up for the school year.

 "It's rough trying to maintain, and then when you have kids being a single parent," says Melisa Harrison.

The list gets pricey even with a steady paycheck.

"When they started actually letting the first crew go, it was more real that, 'OK, I'm actually going to be without a job,'" says Harrison. 

Harrison is one of a thousand people who lost jobs this summer at the Husqvarna plant in McRae. 

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Now, it's time for back to school shopping, and the supply list seems almost impossible to complete without a job, so the Telfair County Sheriff's Office set up donation buckets to help out.

"The sheriff is someone that people call on when they need help, and it's not necessarily law enforcement-related help," says Sheriff Chris Steverson.

Sheriff Chris Steverson says they collect supplies every year, but with so many people in town unemployed, they stepped up the effort this year.  

"We want to make sure that all the kids have what they need when they start school, and we want them to have a successful school year and not fall behind because of any financial hardship that their family may be enduring," says Steverson. 

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Families still out of work say it's a blessing.

"This school supplies came in handy, it came in handy and right on time. I'm overwhelmed, but I'm proud and glad," says Jennifer Rozier.

Harrison says, "There's some that have more children than I have, and some taking care of their nieces and nephews, and it's rough when you don't have that job to go to."

Every backpack or binder donated drops the bill for these parents lower and lower. 

If you're interested in donating any supplies, the drop-off location is at the Telfair County courthouse in McRae.

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