MARSHALLVILLE, Ga. — Marshallville police searched the home of the city's mayor Wednesday night after investigating alleged drug dealing by a family member.

Police Chief Ronald Jackson says they didn't find any drugs inside the home, but he says they'll keep investigating.

According to a police incident report, Mayor Valerie Davis complained to officers that the raid was "done to embarrass her."

The incident report says the raid came after a three-month investigation of drug dealing at the home on 322 South St.

Since the investigation began, officers have noticed increased traffic to the home and people loitering in the yard late at night.

Davis herself complained to police, telling them "If you see anyone in her yard to run them off the property."

The investigator enlisted two "confidential informants" who bought drugs at the home, according to the report.

Officers searched the home Wednesday night after getting a search warrant, the report says. They found members of the mayor's family there, including two children.

But according to the report, they did not find any drugs inside the home.

They did find a small amount of marijuana inside a car belonging to a family friend, Jessica Lane. She was cited for marijuana possession, a misdemeanor, according to Chief Jackson. No one else was charged in the case.

Officers also found a hypodermic needle in the mayor's car, the report says, but Jackson says Davis said it belonged to an ex-boyfriend who was diabetic.

The report says investigator Jason Glover still believed "there had been more criminal activity at the residence and the warrant service team just came at a time that there was not many drugs on the premises."

Jackson said they'll continue to investigate.

He would not comment on whether he believes Davis knew about drug dealing out of her home, but he also denied that his department targeted her for political reasons.

Jackson said, "We're just doing our job. We were hired to do a job and we took an oath, and we're going to enforce the laws in the city of Marshallville."

Marshallville, population around 1,500, is located in Macon County. Davis became mayor last year after the death of Mayor Adeline Felton.

13WMAZ could not reach Davis for comment.


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