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Howard High School teacher gets mohawk after losing friendly bet with student athlete

Howard High School teacher Morgan Jarvis lost a friendly bet with a student athlete and received a makeover.

Elizabeth Rodenroth has scored quite a bit for the Howard Huskies, but this year, a friendly wager with one of her teachers, Morgan Jarvis, gave her an extra kick to score more.

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"At first, it was kind of just like a joke. We were sitting in class and one of my friends was like, 'Oh, you should just shave your head if she scores 25 goals,'" junior Rodenroth said. She scored 26. "And I was like, 'No, let's do a mohawk,'" Rodenroth said. 

And Jarvis didn't bail. "We are just going for that strict mohawk -- one guard on the side. We will see what happens to the rest. Hopefully, it will grow back out for graduation," Jarvis said. 

So they scheduled the haircut, coordinated the style, and began to clip. It was obvious Rodenroth had those pregame jitters as she shaved away Mr. Jarvis' hair, but once Elizabeth got the hang of it, the strands were flying off, the crowd was into it, and the "Husky Haircut" was starting to take shape.

But the junior hairstylist wasn't satisfied with the final look. Elizabeth added some spikes, colored his hair purple and for the finishing touch, shaved a "25" on the side of his head. 

And if you ask Mr. Jarvis, the styling session was worth it. "Whenever it comes to the kids, I'm going to do whatever I can to motivate them to get the best of them, even little things like this. If it helps them, you know, win a game or 2, then it's worth it," Jarvis said. 

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But he said it's the last time he's making this type of bet. When asked what happens next if the team wins state, Jarvis replied, "They will get a trophy, because I'm not cutting my hair again."

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