UPDATE: Warren has been sentenced to life in prison without parole by Judge Lukemire.


A Houston County jury has found Brandon Warren, the second of the two teens accused of killing 18-year-old Sam Poss, guilty on all counts.

Warren was charged with malice murder, felony murder, two counts of aggravated assault, concealing the death of another and tampering with evidence.

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Warren's defense team called their only witness Wednesday -- Brandon Warren.

Warren testified for roughly an hour and 20 minutes as the last witness in his own trial.

His attorney, Jeffrey Grube, questioned him for about 40 of those minutes.

In his testimony with Grube, Warren painted the picture of a scared accomplice who went along with White out of fear for his own life.

"I didn't want to die," Warren told the courtroom.

Warren said he cried as White strangled and stabbed Poss in the front seat of White's car in October 2016. Eventually, he said he got out of the car and threw up.

However, lead prosecutor and assistant district attorney, Greg Winters, repeatedly pressed Warren on why he never did anything to stop the killing or alert authorities.

Winters also asked Warren repeatedly about the letter he wrote to his parents that was introduced as evidence on Tuesday.

Winters asked if Warren remembered writing in the letter that he helped lift a "heavy" object into the back of White's car, believed to be Poss' body, after the killing.

"I don't remember writing that," Warren said.

"That's convenient," replied Winters.

Grube objected and Winters apologized to Judge Edward Lukemire.

Winters ended his questioning by reading another line from the letter.

"If I ran or f****d with his plans, it'd be my life. I obeyed," Winters read to the court from Warren's alleged letter.

Closing arguments lasted about an hour as the defense and prosecution gave their last words to the jury.

Grube argued that the state was basing it's entire case on Dakota White and his testimony from Tuesday.

He claimed the state, "woefully failed," to present their case to the jury.

Winters argued that Warren was just as responsible in Poss' death as White, since he never did anything to stop the crime or night in question.

Winters also referenced the only knife in the case that had Poss' DNA on it, saying the only other DNA evidence on the knife belonged to Warren.